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Unicron (Transformers Universe, Supreme Class)

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unicron-tfu-t.jpg Unicron (Transformers Universe, Supreme Class) Price: $159.99
Immortal, indestructible and all-powerful, Unicron is the ultimate evil in the cosmos. Massive, silent and unstoppable, he floats through the non-space between dimensions, reaching out with his sensors to find the universe with the most energy. Those dimensions he finds suitable, he consumes, destroying every planet, every star, and every trace of life. He has been destroyed or defeated countless times, yet he always returns, hungrier and more powerful tyan before, for he is more than a mere monster. He is evil incarnate, and as long as there is evil, there is Unicron.

Level 4 super conversion Decepticon transforms from robot mode to planet mode.

Features super cannon with blasting missile, glowing eyes, light-up fist, fires 6 missiles and includes mini-con Dead End.

Requires 4 A76 or LR44 alkaline batteries, included.