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Blade (Marvel Universe, #029)

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blade-mu-t.jpg Blade (Marvel Universe, #029) : 653569384908 Price: $109.99
Eric Brooks was born to hunt. As a half-vampire, he’s lived his life in the shadows, devoted to the eradication of vampires from the planet. He has trained to fight since childhood, becoming so skilled with daggers and swords that his vampire prey took to calling him Blade after the weapons he used to destroy them. He is the single greatest threat on the planet to vampires and their kind.

Detailed with defined “muscles”, put this tough-looking Blade action figure in a battle-ready pose with his “blade” accessory aimed at the enemy! Fully articulated, he’s ready to make a stand in your collection.

Action figure comes with weapon accessories and a S.H.I.E.L.D. file with a secret code.