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Justice League of America 5-Piece Gift Set - Reviews

Justice League of America 5-Piece Gift Set

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justiceleagueofamerica5pack(t).jpg Justice League of America 5-Piece Gift Set : 761941234564 Price: $154.99
This set includes 5 fully-poseable action figures, a base for each figure, and a special comic book reprint of The Brave and The Bold #28 featuring the historic first appearance of The Justice League!
Wonder Woman
Created by the mythic gods and gifted with their strength, speed and wisdom, the Amazon Princess Diana was sent out into the world to teach the peaceful ways of her people as Wonder Woman.
The Flash
Caught in a freak accident when a bolt of lightning sent a cabinet of chemicals washing over him, police scientist Barry Allen suddenly found himself endowed with the super-speed of The Flash!
Green Lantern
Test pilot Hal Jordan knew no fear, not even when his flight simulator was surrounded by a strange green energy and brought to the dying alien who passed on to him the power ring and uniform of the Green Lanterns.
Martian Manhunter
The last survivor of an ancient Martian race, J'onn J'onzz is one of the mightiest heroes on Earth, a telepath with uncanny shape-shifting abilities, the power to pass through solid objects, and incredible strength.
The king of Atlantis, Aquaman is the child of a surface man and an Atlantean woman, possessing great strength and the ability to live underwater and communcate with all the creatures of the sea.