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Mutt Williams

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muttwilliams-t.jpg Mutt Williams Price: $24.99
With this leather jacket and switchblade, few would suspect that Mutt Williams has a classical education worthy of an ivy-league graduate. But when he finds himself caught up in the quest for the Crystal Skull, Mutt must draw on all his resources including his fencing skills when he crosses blades with the deadly Irina Spalko.

Team up with this spunky sidekick on an adventure-filled quest for the Crystal Skull! This detailed Mutt Williams figure is based on the character from the Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and comes with a fencing sword to help ward off the approaching enemy! Looking tough in a t-shirt and leather jacket, this fun figure also comes with a top-secret hidden relic for you to discover!

Figure comes with sword and hidden relic accessories.