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Juggernaut vs. Chun-Li

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juggernautvschunli(t).jpg Juggernaut vs. Chun-Li : 035112493068 Price: $79.99
Chun Li is a fast, strong and disciplined agent of the international police agency known as Interpol. She was assigned to infiltrate the secret underworld of Shadaloo by entering Street Fighter tournaments around the world. Once she discovered that Bison murdered her father, she vowed to pursue and destroy him. After years of intense training, Chun Li has developed devastating attacks. Utilizing her muscular legs to lighting perfection she has the ability to perform the powerful "Lightning Kick" which has earned her the Street Fighter title of "Strongest Woman in the World".

When Bison discovered that Chun li has pursued him into the Marvel Universe, he sends Juggernaut to crush her. The Juggernaut's massive strength flows from an ancient relic known as the Cyttorak Crystal and with its power, Juggernaut executes his "Earthquake Punch". Chun Li will need to rely on her agility to overcome his explosive assault. 5" scale.