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Republic Scout Speeder with ARF Trooper (The Clone Wars) - Reviews

Republic Scout Speeder with ARF Trooper (The Clone Wars)

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republicscoutspeederwitharftrooper-t.jpg Republic Scout Speeder with ARF Trooper (The Clone Wars) : 653569560579 Price: $44.99
Advanced Recon Force (ARF) troopers use Republic scout speeders on reconnaissance missions. The speeders are heavily armed with laser cannons, laser blasters and light blaster cannons. With room for two troopers, the speeders pack a lot of firepower in a compact vehicle. The action will be epic with this heavily armed REPUBLIC SCOUT SPEEDER vehicle from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie! The vehicle moves fast on its rolling wheels and its rotating blasters will give your 4" tall ARF TROOPER figure the firepower he needs in any direction! The included weapons are interchangeable and the vehicle has room for two figures (additional figure sold separately) - put one in the cockpit and stand the other on the gunner station on the back. When you are finished imagining incredible adventures, stand the figure on its included battle base in your collection or play the Galactic Battle Game with the included card and game die! Vehicle comes with figure, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die.