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Mandalorian Speeder with Mandalorian Warrior

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mandalorianspeeder-t.jpg Mandalorian Speeder with Mandalorian Warrior : 653569523017 Price: $54.99
"Mandalorian commandos in the Death Watch splinter group ride security speeders for quick-strike attacks. Like all Mandalorians, they are highly skilled warriors who have perfected the art of battle. Their repulsorlift speeders are customized with binders to capture enemies during raids. The design of their helmets pays homage to battle helmets worn by Mandalorian warriors in the past.

Get ready for battles of epic proportions with this awesome Mandalorian Warrior action figure and his ""fast-moving"" Mandalorian Speeder vehicle! Set your figure on top of his vehicle and fold up the landing skid accessory to he's ready to speed into action. When the enemy is in sight, fold down the ""cannon"" to let the enemy know you mean business. As you get your vehicle close, extend the binder accessories to take your enemy hostage. (Additional figures sold separately). Even when they're just standing at attention in your collection, this fearsome fighter and his vehicle are sure to inspire all kinds of out-of-this world adventures!

Vehicle comes with 3.75"" scale figure."