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Y-wing Scout Bomber with Clone Trooper Pilot - Reviews

Y-wing Scout Bomber with Clone Trooper Pilot

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ywingscoutbomberwithclonetrooperpilot-t.jpg Y-wing Scout Bomber with Clone Trooper Pilot : 653569560593 Price: $109.99
A new Y-wing scout bomber goes on its first mission. Assigned to Jedi General Plo Koon's Hunter Squadron, clone trooper pilot Warthog flies the prototype bomber on a mission to bring reinforcements to a Republic outpost. The bomber is armed with proton bombs and laser cannons, and its rotating engines provide increased flight agility.

Features rotating engines, dropping bombs, opening cockpit and a droid socket (droid sold separately).

Includes 4" tall Clone Trooper Pilot, battle game card & die.