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12" Chip Hazard (talking) - Reviews

12" Chip Hazard (talking)

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12inchchiphazard(talking)t.jpg 12" Chip Hazard (talking) : 076281551791 Price: $449.99
He's big, he's bad, he's loaded with battle cries, sounds and powerful punches...he is awesome! "Atten'-Hut!": "Major Chip Hazard reporting!" Menacing leader of the Commando Elite, Chip Hazard prepares a vicious assault against the heroic Gorgonites! Locating their secret base, the merciless Major reports: "Stronghold targeted!", "Move out!". Charging into battle, he cries: "Commandos attack!". Unloading an array of powerful punches that crack like thunder, the merciless mercenary finishes his enemies off with roaring machine gun blasts! Requires 3 AAA batteries.