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Shaak Ti (CW31)

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shaakti-cw31-t.jpg Shaak Ti (CW31) : 653569551911 Price: $54.99
Jedi Master Shaak Ti trains clone troopers on Kamino. The Jedi General observes the squads during training exercises, assessing their individual skills and ability to work as a team. With her colorfully patterned lekku, she is a striking figure who moves with agility and precision when demonstrating battle techniques.

An "intergalactic" battle is raging - and you and your Shaak Ti action figure are about to enter the fray! Arm your warrior with his lightsaber so that she's ready to charge into combat against his fiercest enemies. Whether fighting for the fate of the universe or standing at attention in your collection, this awesome action figure puts all of the excitement of the Star Wars saga right in the palm of your hand!

3.75" scale figure comes with a lightsaber, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die.