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German Soldier with Motorcycle

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germansoldierwithmotorcycle-t.jpg German Soldier with Motorcycle : 653569323662 Price: $44.99
"Speeding full force on his army-issued motorcycle, this soldier chases down Indy and his father, Henry Jones, as they attempt to escape from a German intelligence base located just outside of Salzburg. Aided by his knowledge of the terrain, the soldier intercepts Indy at a German-border checkpoint. Indy then sends him careening from his bike, using an Austrian flagpole as his weapon.

Based on the relentless character from the Indiana Jones film, Last Crusade, this German soldier figure comes straddling his motorcycle. Loaded down with gear, stage the posable figure in an Indy duel - or in your collection. Complete with weapon accessories, this memorable character is ready to take its rightful place in your collection.

3.75"" scale action figure comes with motorcycle and weapon accessories."