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Deep Six & Ssgt. Rock 'N Roll (Comic Pack) - Reviews

Deep Six & Ssgt. Rock 'N Roll (Comic Pack)

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deepsixandssgtrocknroll-t.jpg Deep Six & Ssgt. Rock 'N Roll (Comic Pack) Price: $24.99
The battle between the G.I. JOE team and the evil COBRA forces continues! Enjoy classic episodes in this saga with these G.I. JOE Comic Packs. We're reprinting the most memorable G.I. JOE comic books from the 1980s, complete with new cover art by Greg Horn, a cover artist whose work appears on comics, video game magazines and other entertainment media.

Add these detailed figures to your collection! Team up with these G.I. JOE heroes and take on the COBRA enemy in a battle staged right in the middle of your living room! Recreate exciting scenes from the classic comic or use your imagination to create thrilling adventures of your own!

Figures come with accessories and comic book.