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Tony Stark Iron Man Mark II (Concept Series) - Reviews

Tony Stark Iron Man Mark II (Concept Series)

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tonystarkironman-markII-t.jpg Tony Stark Iron Man Mark II (Concept Series) : 653569359067 Price: $74.99
"This is the first of the Iron Man armors powered by Stark’s second-generation mini-Arc Reactor. Constructed of high-grade steel, aircraft aluminum and titanium plating, it is an incredibly tough machine, designed to withstand artillery, small arms fire, and even an attack by advanced fighter planes. Unfortunately, Stark’s first flight nearly ends in tragedy when he discovers that his prototype materials suffer catastrophic icing at high altitudes.

Take to the skies – or at least your bedroom! – with this Tony Stark as Iron Man action figure. Based on the armor-wearing superhero from the Marvel movie, this fully articulated Iron Man figure features snap-on armor parts – and is ready to take a rightful stance in your collection.

6"" tall."