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Galadriel Entranced by The One Ring (Trilogy) - Reviews

Galadriel Entranced by The One Ring (Trilogy)

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galadrielentranced(trilogy)t.jpg Galadriel Entranced by The One Ring (Trilogy) : 035112815297 Price: $24.99
Last of the great Elves of old, Galadriel is wise beyond reckoning and more powerful than any of her kind that still lives. Yet for all her power and wisdom even Galadriel is drawn by the corrupting lure of the One Ring. When Frodo comes bearing this mighty gift to her home of Lothlorien, the Elven queen wavers and is tempted. Transfigured before Frodo's eyes, she appears in a moment of weakness as she might under the influence of the One, beautiful and terrible, a treacherous and terrifying vision of a future that might be. Requires 2 (L736) button cell batteries, included.