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Spider-Sense Spider-Man (Spider Power)

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spidersensespiderman(sp)t.jpg Spider-Sense Spider-Man (Spider Power) : 035112475279 Price: $29.99
"Peter Parker was once an ordinary teenager...until he was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the amazing Spider-Man! Possessing the proportionate strength and abilities of the arachnid, Peter swings through the streets of New York City fighting crime! His powers allow him to stick to walls, scale up and down skyscrapers, and react to danger with spectacular quickness. And with his specially designed web-shooters, Spider-Man can weave webs of any size! But his most sensational power is his remarkable ""Spider-Sense"", which alerts Spidey to any danger and makes it impossible for any assailant to surprise him!

Features light-up eyes and drop-attack web-swing.

Includes 2 replaceable button cell batteries."