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Steppenwolf (DC Universe, variant)

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steppenwolf-dcu-variant-t.jpg Steppenwolf (DC Universe, variant) : 027084728057 Price: $49.99 On Sale! $19.99
Uncle of Darkseid, the ruler of the warlike planet Apokolips, Steppenwolf commanded the Apokoliptian military. Looking to bring about a war between Apokolips and its sister world, peaceful New Genesis, Darkseid suggested that Steppenwolf travel to New Genesis and hunt its residents for sport. In implementing the plan, Steppenwolf killed the wife of New Genesis' ruler, Izaya. War commenced, and Steppenwolf was slain by Izaya. Darkseid later resurrected Steppenwolf, and placed him in charge of the planet's military once more.

Includes the stand to Kilowog figure.