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Rebel Snowspeeder

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snowspeeder(t).jpg Rebel Snowspeeder : 076281695853 Price: $109.99
"As the battle for freedom took to the frozen planet of Hoth, Rebel Alliance forces transformed the Incom T-47 airspeeder to a snowspeeder. They achieved this by equipping it with coated, angled, heavy armor plating, placing dust covers over intake and exhaust ports and adding insulation to handle the extreme temperature. Manned by a crew of 2, a forward-facing pilot and rear-facing gunner, the snowspeeder's firepower consists of twin laser cannons mounted on the front fuselage and a rear-mounted harpoon cannon with tow cable. The snowspeeder's harpoon was the only weapon that was successful in the fight against the fearsome Imperial AT-AT vehicles. The harpoon was fired at the legs of the walker, entagling them and toppling the vehicle, rendering it useless. Features Flashing Electronic Laser Cannons, Authentic Movie Sounds, and a Dual Cockpit to seat 2 figures!"