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8" Black Costume Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins) - Reviews

8" Black Costume Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inchblackcostumespiderman-ssso-t.jpg 8" Black Costume Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins) : 653569205319 Price: $69.99
Hero-napped and transported to a distant world, Spider-Man became involved in a vicious fight to the end. His costume shredded and webshooters crushed, he was more than hapy with this sleek, new costume created by an alien machine.

He couldn't have known, of course, that the "costume-making machine" was, in fact, an alien prison for a dangerous symbiotic creature that returned with him to Earth. Seeking to bond with Peter permanently, it claimed his body while he slept. As it slowly insinuated itself into his mind, Spider-Man was only able to defeat the creature with the help of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Even then the symbiote finally did find a partner in Eddie Brock, who it transformed into the deadly Venom. Features fabric costume.