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Snake Eyes with white Timber (Sigma 6) - Reviews

Snake Eyes with white Timber (Sigma 6)

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snakeeyeswithwhitetimber-sigma6-t.jpg Snake Eyes with white Timber (Sigma 6) Price: $64.99
SNAKE EYES is one of the greatest ninjas in the world and the SIGMA 6 teamís martial arts expert. During one mission, he tracked COBRA forces to an ancient castle high in a snowy mountainous region. The castle was guarded by a pack of wolves that attacked SNAKE EYES when he tried to get near the imposing fortress. As SNAKE EYES fought the wolves, an avalanche tore down the mountainside, taking SNAKE EYES and one of the wolves with it. SNAKE EYES saved the wolf and together they climbed back up the steep mountainside. An icy handhold gave way, and SNAKE EYES would have fallen to his death, but the wolf grabbed him and stopped his fall. Each had now saved the otherís life, bonding them in a silent brotherhood of fierce warriors joined by respect and honor.

Articulated Ninja Commando action figure is outfitted for pretend enemy infiltration! Figure comes with a poseable wolf figure and features a missile-firing sled! SNAKE EYES figure comes with TIMBER figure, permafrost sled, thaw missile, s6 battle stars, Tonfa sword and a thermal vest.