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Spawn The Bloodaxe

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spawnthebloodaxe(t).jpg Spawn The Bloodaxe : 787926112610 Price: $39.99
Norseman Erik Bloodaxe was the leader of the Bloodaxe clan. Erik was known as a good man, an honest fighter and a man who stood his ground. He made a bitter enemy in Jorvak Skullsplitter, though, over the love of a young woman. Bloodaxe was betrayed on the field of battle by Skullsplitter, who drove his sword into the warrior's heart. Bloodaxe awoke in the icy darkness of the Realm of the Dead. A warrior angel named Valkerie offered to help Bloodaxe escape the icy pits on a wild warhorse, but not before his striking features melded with his armor, turning him into something else entirely: Spawn the Bloodaxe. Can Bloodaxe survive the journey between worlds and return to his clan?