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R7-D4 (CW64)

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r7d4-cw64-t.jpg R7-D4 (CW64) : 653569667414 Price: $44.99
R7-D4 is Plo Koon's astromech droid that provides navigational and repair assistance on the Jedi's starfighter. The Jedi flies many challenging missions during the war, and his resourceful astromech works quickly to keep the Jedi's vessel in flight despite numerous encounters with Separatist vessels and vulture droids. Re-enact your favorite Star Wars battles or make up brand-new ones with this detailed R7-D4 figure! Use his hidden gadgets to help in the missions against evil. When you're done with the Star Wars action, stand him up in your collection! Either way, the action will be epic! 3.75" scale figure comes with GALACTIC BATTLE GAME card, battle base and die.