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Lara Croft in Area 51 Outfit (boxed) - Reviews

Lara Croft in Area 51 Outfit (boxed)

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laracroft(area51)t.jpg Lara Croft in Area 51 Outfit (boxed) : 043377720034 Price: $69.99
"Centuries ago, a meteor containing four alien artifacts was discovered and looted. Each mysterious artifact has the power to alter the genetic make-up of all living organisms. Unaware of their true power, Lara Croft is on the hunt for these missing artifacts. Her quest takes her to Area 51, the government installation that doesn't officially exist. As she navigates the most treacherous high-tech complex ever constructed, she stumbles upon missile silos, UFOs, alien autopsy rooms and heavily-armed military police. Few who enter Area 51 live to tell the tale, but Lara has survived serious perils before...Lara comes equipped with two removable pistols, two fully-automatic mac-10s and a diorama display base."