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Mandalorian Warriors 4-Pack

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mandalorianwarriors-t.jpg Mandalorian Warriors 4-Pack : 653569534181 Price: $214.99
Some Mandalorians are part of the Death Watch, a secret group working to return to the days when Mandalorians were the most respected and feared warriors in the galaxy. Hiding in the shadows, they put in motion their plans to change the current policy of peace and neutrality into one of war. They hone their combat skills and stock their arsenal, preparing to reclaim their place as the greatest warriors in the galaxy.

The Mandalorians who belong to the Death Watch work in secret to return Mandalore to its past as the greatest warrior society in the galaxy.

Bring the battles "to life" with this awesome action figure four-pack! Start the showdown with these four Mandalorian Warrior action figures and use their rocket pack accessory to fire a "missile" at their enemies These four make for exciting characters even when they're just standing at attention in your collection!

Four 3.75" tall figures and accessories come with 4 Galactic Battle Game cards, 4 battle bases and 1 game die.