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12" Cairo Swordsman - Reviews

12" Cairo Swordsman

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12inchcairoswordsman-t.jpg 12" Cairo Swordsman Price: $54.99
After defeating a pack of local thugs, Indy encounters his most sword-savvy foe yet: the Cairo Swordsman. Wielding a heavy scimitar sword and an overconfident grin, the Cairo Swordsman appears from behind a crowd in a thronging marketplace. Despite his razor-sharp skills, he is easily dispatched and only briefly delays Indy's frantic search for Marion.

Embark on your own thrilling Indiana Jones adventures with this swordsman action figure. Dressed in his signature garb, place the scimitar sword in the figures hand for all sorts of action poses! Two snakes are sure to scare off the notorious adventurer notoriously known for his fear of the slithering reptiles.

Action figure comes with robes, sash, shoes, sword, turban and two snake figures.