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Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer (11)

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fireblastmarvelsdestroyer-t.jpg Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer (11) : 653569602217 Price: $24.99 On Sale! $19.99
Forged by Odin and infused with his power, the Odin Force, this unstoppable weapon is locked deep beneath the palace in the Allfather's Weapons Vault. Created to defeat the most terrifying threats in all the Nine Realms, no enemy has ever faced this guardian and won. Its sole master is the reigning King of Asgard, and so it waits for Odin's next command. Defeat the enemies of Asgard wherever you and your Fire Blast DESTROYER figure find them. This fearsome creature possesses a mighty fire glow that sends enemies running away in fear! Harness his power to crush enemies and bring Asgard victory! The battles you and your mighty 5" tall DESTROYER figure fight are sure to become legendary.