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Armor Vault (Super Hero Squad)

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armorvault-shs-t.jpg Armor Vault (Super Hero Squad) Price: $21.99 On Sale! $15.99
Tony Stark has created dozens for versions of the Iron Man armor over the years. Most of them are just prototypes, intended to prove a concept. A few, however, are powerful, specialized suits of armor far too dangerous to display in his Hall of Armor. These he keeps in a reinforced vault, always ready to launch into action.

A mighty battle is about to begin -- and it's up to you to fight it! Bring your Iron Man, Torpedo Armor Iron Man and Hulkbuster Iron Man figures together to create almost unstoppable "metal-clad" team of warriors. But don't be fooled, they can't do a thing without you -- they've got the armor, but you've got the power!

Three-pack of exciting, stylized characters includes Iron Man, Torpedo Armor Iron Man and Hulkbuster Iron Man figures!