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Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends)

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nightcrawler(ml)t.jpg Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends) : 086892711385 Price: $109.99
Raised in a traveling circus, German-born Kurt Wagner learned that his mutant abilities were a gift to be celebrated. Nightcrawler can teleport himself, his clothing and a certain amount of additional mass from one point to another almost instantaneously. He leaves behind smoke and the smell of burning brimstone, actually atmosphere from the unknown dimension through which he travels. Nightcrawler may look like a blue-skinned demon, but this swashbuckler is one of the mutantkind's guardian angels - using his amazing agility and power of teleportation to fight the forces of evil! Features 41 points of articulation. Includes a 24 page custom posterbook and the "lower torso" of Galactus. 6" scale.