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Daredevil (Marvel Super Heroes, series 2)

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daredevil(msh2)t.jpg Daredevil (Marvel Super Heroes, series 2) : 035112481027 Price: $29.99
Criminals trying to make a fast geataway are in for an unpleasant surprise thanks to the quick-load and release grapple hook extension on Daredevil's multi-purpose grapple hook! Working the extension is a snap. Just push the grapple hook in until it locks into position. Then place the grapple hook into Daredevil's hand, aim it at your target, press the lever on the side of the grapple hook...and fire! With the grapple hook Daredevil can climb walls, swing from trees or lamp posts, and snare criminals just when they think they've escaped.

5" tall.