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10" Claw Slash Wolverine - Reviews

10" Claw Slash Wolverine

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10-inch-claw-slash-wolverine-t.jpg 10" Claw Slash Wolverine : 653569861157 Price: $42.99
The hands of Wolverine hide claws that can cut through anything. When they flash out and Wolverine gets ready to attack, bad guys better back off! Get your favorite mutant superhero into your adventures with this electronic Claw Slash Wolverine figure! Bad guys will back off when they see this fierce warrior coming, but they'll run when you squeeze his legs to activate his slashing claw attack! Press his belt buckle so he can trash-talk to villains with phrases like "Is that the best you got?" His battle sounds make the mutant action even more realistic.

Take on the forces of darkness with your Claw Slash Wolverine figure! Electronic 10" Wolverine figure! More than 10 phrases and battle sounds! Squeeze his legs to activate his slashing claw attack!

Includes figure. Ages 4 and up. Requires 2 "AAA" batteries (not included).