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House of M 4-Pack (Marvel Legends)

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houseofm4pack-ml-t.jpg House of M 4-Pack (Marvel Legends) : 035112704072 Price: $184.99
The most technologically advanced society on the planet, Genosha is the symbolic capital of Magneto's mutant kingdom. Built on the backs of mutate slaves, this subclass of the mutant strain were reduced to living automata in the interest of keeping Genosha's human population living in affluence. This changed the day Magneto, aided by his closest friend Charles Xavier, attacked Genosha, overthrowing the corrupt government and setting the mutate population free. Converting the island into the home base of his ever-expanding mutant empire, Magneto began the systematic destruction of human oppression. After leading the mutants to victory in the inevitable mutant-human war, Magneto made the site of humankind's most monstrous crimes the capital of the new, mutant-dominated world. Serving as Lord Magnus, Magneto rules this brave new world from his seat on the Genoshan throne, protected by his Royal Guard - his most trusted allies. Acting as emissaries and bodyguards, the Royal Guard would give their lives in servitude of Magneto; in their minds, he is their lord and savior. He has delivered them from extinction. He has earned their supreme loyalty, even unto death. This is the House of M. Includes House of M Iron Man, House of M Hulk, House of M The Inhuman Torch and House of M The It. House of M handbook included. 6" scale.