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Fury of Combat 4-Pack

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furyofcombat4pack-t.jpg Fury of Combat 4-Pack : 653569521266 Price: $57.99
The thrill of battle is at your fingertips with our Iron Man 2 Fury of Combat 4-Pack! Rev up the action by pitting your Iron Man Mark VI and Nick Fury figures against the two fearsome Ground Assault Drone figures. Your "iron-clad" hero and his heroic ally are fierce fighters, but do they have enough power to defeat the heavily "armored" Ground Assault Drone figures and their interchangeable weapon accessories? Set your figures up for combat and make the best team win! Four-pack includes Iron Man Mark VI, Nick Fury and 2 Ground Assault Drone figures with weapon accessories.

As commander of the world's most powerful and secret spy organization, Nick Fury tries not to get directly involved in combat. Still, there's always a time to make an exception. Iron Man is the centerpiece of all his carefully laid plans, so Fury has no reservations about jumping right into the fight.