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Plo Koon (CW53)

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plokoon-cw53-t.jpg Plo Koon (CW53) : 653569598206 Price: $24.99 On Sale! $19.99
Plo Koon fights to free an ice-covered world from the Separatists. The Jedi general wears a special mask to protect him from Khorm's harsh environment. Traction spikes make it easy for him to move quickly over the snow and ice, as he fights a ruthless warlord and battles droids who are controlling an important source of fuel. Get into the Star Wars action with this fierce PLO KOON figure! He comes with snap-on cold weather gear and a lightsaber for battles in harsh conditions. Re-enact battles from your favorite Star Wars movie or create new ones. When the action is over, pose your PLO KOON figure on his battle base! The fate of the universe rests with you! Figure comes with lightsaber, snap-on cold weather gear, GALACTIC BATTLE GAME card, battle base and game die. 3.75" scale.