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Femme Fatales 3-Pack

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femmefatales3pack-t.jpg Femme Fatales 3-Pack Price: $199.99
RED RIDING HOOD (McFarlane's Monsters Series 4: Twisted Fairy Tales) Red Riding Hood is no longer a helpless, frolicking child. She is a huntress, all grown-up and battle-worn. A woman on a mission -- tracking and slaughtering the bloodthirsty beasts of the world with a resolve honed in combat and blades fashioned of the hardest, sharpest steel (all the better to gut you with).

DOROTHY OF OZ (McFarlane's Monsters Series 2: The Twisted Land of Oz) Bound and branded, her innocence gone, Dorothy and the Land of Oz are seen in a whole new light when viewed through the twisted mind of Todd McFarlane. One thing is for certain: this is not your mother's Dorothy.

ELIZABETH BATHORY (McFarlane's Monsters Series 3: Six Faces of Madness) The Blood Queen of Hungary, who struck terror throughout that region in the late 1500s and early 1600s, is said to have killed more than 600 young women. A member of the ruling class, Bathory tortured servants throughout her life. Later, with concern for her fading beauty, she began bathing in the blood of slaughtered young girls as a perverse form of a fountain of youth. 6" scale.