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8" Toad X Mutations 2-Pack - Reviews

8" Toad X Mutations 2-Pack

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toads(xmutations2-pack)t.jpg 8" Toad X Mutations 2-Pack Price: $24.99
The character of Toad has been a popular Marvel Comics super-villain for over 35 years. The grotesque mutant member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants debuted in Uncanny X-Men #4 and has been a thorn in the mutant super team's side ever since. The deformed mutant with the incomparable leaping ability struck a chord with comic fans and has never stopped causing trouble for our heroes. Over the years, this quiet, unconfident, loyal follower of Magneto has grown into a powerful, cunning and resourceful leader in his own right. In 2000, the Toad and other X-Men heroes and villains will finally make the jump to the big screen in a star-studded, feature-length blockbuster from 20th Century Fox Films. Actor Ray Park takes on the role of Toad and will use his acting skill, martial arts expertise and amazing acrobatic abilities to bring the high jumping, amphibian-like mutant to life on the silver screen. The movie takes a dark, gritty and realistic approach to the super hero genre and the film centers around the X-Men's fight to protect the world from Magneto and his super-powered followers. Steering away from the court-jester type of costume, Toad of the motion picture gears up in edgy street fatgues. Even his powers are given a boost with the additiona of a long, retractable tongue and acidic slime! This twin pack spotlights both the classic comic book costume and the movie look of Toad.