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Aquaman vs Black Manta Undersea Assault (DC Universe) - Reviews

Aquaman vs Black Manta Undersea Assault (DC Universe)

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aquamanvsblackmanta-dcu-t.jpg Aquaman vs Black Manta Undersea Assault (DC Universe) : 027084832983 Price: $74.99
Aquaman biography:
Found abandoned, Prince Orin of Atlantis was raised in the ways of the surface world and made the namesake of lighthouse keeper Arthur Curry. But in the water was where young Arthur truly thrived. In adulthood, he took the name Aquaman and used his aquatic abilities to patrol the seven seas. The aquatic avenger's renown soon earned him a place among the newly assembled Justice League Of America.

Black Manta biography:
Black Manta engages in undersea crime in an attempt to conquer the world beneath the waves. However, Aquaman thwarts Black Manta at every turn, a conflict that has led to Black Manta's murder of Aquaman's infant son. Tiring of his constant defeats, Black Manta sold his soul to the demon, Neron, for greater power and was thus transformed into a true denizen of the deep. Each are 6" scale.