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Republic Commando Boss (CW11)

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republiccommandoboss-cw11-t.jpg Republic Commando Boss (CW11) : 653569682905 Price: $64.99
Republic Commando Boss is the sergeant in Delta Squad, an elite unit of clone troopers. He receives standard clone trooper combat training on Kamino, then is put through additional training that is extremely tough, but it makes Boss an aggressively effective trooper able to survive the demanding missions given to Delta Squad. This heroic REPUBLIC COMMANDO figure is rendered in careful detail to look just like the character in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series! Send him into mission after mission, where he can use his zip line to plummet into dangerous situations! Re-enact your favorite Star Wars battles or create brand new ones with this cool REPUBLIC COMMANDO Boss figure! 3.75" scale figure comes with accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and die.