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Master Chief (v.4) with Flood Infection Form (Series 8) - Reviews

Master Chief (v.4) with Flood Infection Form (Series 8)

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masterchief-series8-t.jpg Master Chief (v.4) with Flood Infection Form (Series 8) Price: $99.99
"Spartan 117, the Master Chief, first encountered the alien parasite known as the ""Flood"" on the Halo ring. The Master Chief's Mjolnir armor provided barely enough protection for him to survive the Flood's indiscriminate attacks on his marine companions and Covenant forces alike.

The Flood ""super-cell"" feeds on cadavers' calcium stores to produce its most basic incarnation, the ""infection form."" Small and vulnerable to most projectile and energy weapons, infection forms overwhelm their prey by attacking en masse. They bore into victims with a rasping tongue and quickly transform foes into robust Flood ""combat forms.""

Includes Shotgun, Pistol and Flood Infection Form. Features 23 points of articulation."