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Spawn: The Black Heart

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spawntheblackheart(t).jpg Spawn: The Black Heart Price: $59.99
A heart molded and stoked from the fires of Hell, Donovan Brood was banished from the kingdom's elite court of Knights for his murderous and ruthless ways of enforcing the King's orders. In exile he put together his own elite force of killers and thieves known as The Plague. During a major battle with the King's knights, Brood was killed. In his first term in Hell he was given the power of a HellSpawn and returned to the plane of Earth. There he conquered the very kingdom he was banished from and inflicted his own Hell on Earth for those that rebuffed him. This ruthless and murderous four-armed figure stands 6" tall. Accessories include a large blade (on back), three claw weapons for right wrist/forearm, blade weapons for right hand and left forearm, and a cloak. Figure features 19 pivot points.