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Spider Spud

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spiderspud-t.jpg Spider Spud Price: $24.99
"The mild mannered Peter Parker Potato was minding his own business when he was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider Spud! With ""eyes"" for trouble, this web slinger uses his starch-strength to mosh out evil and save the day. With great potatoes comes great responsibility!

Spider Spud is the next Mr. Potato Head in the new series of fun and wacky potatos. Dress him as Peter Parker Potato or change him into Spidey Potato! Includes the potato body and the following parts:
1 Spider Suit
Pair of Spider shades
Pair of eyes
Pair of shoes
Pair of glasses
1 Spider Web
2 arms
1 nose
2 ears
1 set of teeth"