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Green Goblin (Titanium Series Die-Cast)

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greengoblin-titanium-t.jpg Green Goblin (Titanium Series Die-Cast) : 653569199137 Price: $29.99
"Spider-Man has a habit of inspiring really personal grudges in his enemies, but few have been as long lasting or far reaching as that of the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn has been with the wall-crawler since the very beginning, dogging him for his entire career, planning every move to extract the maximum amount of suffering from his web-slinging nemesis. No expense is too great, no crime too extreme, no life so cheap as the innocent bystanders in his vendetta. Osborn is obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man, and nothing less will suffice.

Indeed, the Green Goblin is more than up to the task. He is gifted with strength superior to Spider-Man, reflexes and speed to match, and a healing factor that allows him to survive catastrophic injuries, as well as advanced intelligence. Despite his often raving insanity, he is incredibly patient, capable of far-reaching plots decades in the making. He has meddled in nearly every landmark event of Peter Parker's life, from the death of his first love to more recent tragedies and revelations.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Heroes with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Green Goblin figure! This 5"" tall poseable figure comes with a display case."