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Ultimate Venom (Marvel Select, no logo on chest) - Reviews

Ultimate Venom (Marvel Select, no logo on chest)

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ultimatevenom(nologo)t.jpg Ultimate Venom (Marvel Select, no logo on chest) Price: $124.99
College student Eddie Brock is a childhood friend of Peter Parker. One day, Eddie shows Peter the cancer-curing experiment that their scientist fathers were working on right before their deaths: a black liquid that transforms into a protoplasmic bodysuit. When Peter accidentally spills some of the experimental serum on himself, he discovers the suit enhances the wearer's strength and abilities yet leads to violent thoughts and actions. Fearing the horrible consequences of the serum, Peter destroys the sample and confesses to Eddie the liquid's unwieldy power. But Eddie feels betrayed, thinking Peter lied to him and took the serum for his own selfish use. Exposing himself to a secret sample of his own, Eddie becomes the murderous, misshapen monster Venom! As Venom, Eddie has only one kill Peter Parker! 7" Tall Venom includes opening safe and Peter Parker webbed to wall. Based on the hit Marvel comic book series Ultimate Spider-Man. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell.