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Professor X (Marvel Universe, Series 4, 022) - Reviews

Professor X (Marvel Universe, Series 4, 022)

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professorx-mu-022-t.jpg Professor X (Marvel Universe, Series 4, 022) : 653569767640 Price: $49.99
This intimidating PROFESSOR X figure is ready to use his telepathic powers to lead the X-MEN against any villains! This detailed figure looks like the commander of the mutant forces, and he can lead other X-MEN figures (sold separately) from his high-tech chair. Whether you stand him up or seat him in his chair, your adventures won't be complete without this PROFESSOR X figure! Detailed figure looks like the PROFESSOR X character. He'll look amazing in your collection! Assemble his chair and seat him in it! Comes with collectible comic shot! 4" figure comes with accessory and collectible comic shot.