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Republic Gunship

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republicgunship(t).jpg Republic Gunship Price: $234.99
"The Republic Gunship is a powerful war machine used by the clone army. Its huge transport bay can carry large numbers of troops into battle, deploying them not only through the side doors but also with the deployable troop platform. Outfitted with an impressive arsenal of weapons including laser cannons, blasters and missiles, the gunship is instrumental in the final battle that heralds the beginning of the Clone Wars. Features include Combat Handle (helps you hold gunship for action-packed battles!), Rotating Turret, Opening Canopy (with room for 2 pilots, not included), Firing Missile Launchers, Deployable Troop Platform (fits 4-6 figures, not included), Battle-Ready Automatic Doors (opens with the push of a button), Vehicle Transport Bay (fits one deluxe Clone Trooper speeder bike, not included), Firing Cannons and Swiveling Tail Cannon & Grappling Hooks. Includes ship body, 2 wings, 2 cannons, 2 missiles, 2 launcher missiles, 2 grappling hooks, grapling hook string, deployment platform, 8 wing bombs, 4 door bombs, swiveling tail cannon, 2 doors, canopy, labels and instructions."