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Ringwraith Gift Pack

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ringwraithgiftpack(t).jpg Ringwraith Gift Pack : 035112814641 Price: $49.99
Once ancient kings of Men, the Ringwraiths were lured to Sauron's service by the gift of Rings of Power. These the Dark Lord used to enslave them, turning them into withered, disembodied wraiths of their former selves. They became the Ringwraiths, shadowy servants of Sauron who could only be seen in their true twilight forms by one wearing a Ring of Power. Greatest of all of them was the Witch-king of Angmar, who wielded his weapons of fear and despair with as much skill as he would a blade. Includes Ringwraith, Twilight Ringwraith and Morgul Lord Witch-king.