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10" Slashin Action Wolverine (yellow costume) - Reviews

10" Slashin Action Wolverine (yellow costume)

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10inchslashinactionwolverine-yellow-t.jpg 10" Slashin Action Wolverine (yellow costume) : 653569421504 Price: $74.99
With unbreakable metal bones, the mutant ability to heal any injury, and a hundred years of fighting experience behind him, Wolverine is an indestructible combat machine. No one on Earth can match his skills or ferocity. With Wolverine on the prowl, the only chance the bad guys have is to run and hide!

Re-enact your favorite Wolverine battle scenes or stage your own imaginative brawl with this Wolverine figure based on the character from the action-packed movie. Armed with rugged good looks, pop-out claws and electronic slashing sounds, his twist-and-release torso lets you wind him up and take on the enemy with spring-loaded attack action!

Requires 2 'AAA' batteries (included).