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The Lost Temple of Akator Playset

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thelosttempleofakatorplayset-t.jpg The Lost Temple of Akator Playset Price: $54.99
Swing into action-packed excitement as you stage your own Indiana Jones adventures and discover the dangers of Akator! Navigate the Indy and Ugha Warrior figures through the scaled-down temple as seen in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie. Help Indy "blast" his way into the temple through the breakaway door, dodge deadly boulders and escape the "quicksand"! Swing past danger on the tree and help Indy climb his way to the top of the ancient, "vine"-covered sanctuary as he thwarts off the evil Ugha Warrior! Find the treasure and help Indy escape down secret steps. Re-enact the scene from the movie or make up a whole new adventure every time you play!