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1997 Commemorative Edition Batman (Hong Kong Exclusive) - Reviews

1997 Commemorative Edition Batman (Hong Kong Exclusive)

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batman(hongkong)(t).jpg 1997 Commemorative Edition Batman (Hong Kong Exclusive) : 5023117399114 Price: $49.99
Limited 1997 Hong Kong Edition. For decades, "The Caped Crusader" has preserved the cause of justice and symbolised good over evil, right over wrong, all over the world. This special, timeless and limited 1997 Hong Kong Edition Golden Batman figure commemorates the spirit of Hong Kong, who's unparalleled rise to international fame and recognition echoes the dynamism of Gotham City, a territory Batman has sworn to watch over and defend. Poised for action against a night skyline, our hero is destined to become a true classic collectible, marking the end of a great and historic era.