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Spider-Woman (Marvel Select, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive) - Reviews

Spider-Woman (Marvel Select, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive)

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spiderwoman-sdcc-t.jpg Spider-Woman (Marvel Select, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive) : 699788107904 Price: $94.99
Julia Carpenter is the true identity of the second Spider-Woman. A secretive government group called The Commission decided to use Julia Carpenter as a test subject in their experiments. The experiments were a success and Julia was granted powers very similar to those of Spider-Man. Not long after adopting the identity of Spider-Woman, she was drawn into the Secret Wars. After returning to Earth, Julia joined Freedom Force, but much like her predecessor she found herself on the wrong side of the law. She then found her place with the West Coast Avengers and once they disbanded, she joined their spin-off team Force Works. Eventually Julia walked away from the superhero business to concentrate on raising her daughter Rachel. Like Jessica Drew (the original Spider-Woman), Julia was also attacked by Charlotte Witter and had her powers stolen. After the loss of her superpowers, Julia has returned to the life of a normal mother. Includes a highly detailed display base with Hybrid. 7" scale.