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Stealth Bumblebee

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stealthbumblebee-t.jpg Stealth Bumblebee Price: $34.99
"With pictures of him all over the internet in robot and vehicle mode, BUMBLEBEE began to feel a little bit uncomfortable. People recognized him everywhere. More importantly new DECEPTICONS arriving on Earth found him easily, which put Sam and others in danger. With Mikaela’s help, he picked out a new color scheme for his armor plating that made him harder to spot, and also made it easier to sneak up on any DECEPTICONS that wandered into the range of his plasma cannon.

In his signature yellow-and-black colors, this STEALTH BUMBLEBEE figure has more black than yellow. Quickly change his arm cannon into a blade in robot mode. Ready to roll out against the enemy? Convert this AUTOBOT warrior into Camaro concept vehicle mode and he’s ready to “race” away - or admire on display!"