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Storm (Marvel Universe, series 4, 003) - Reviews

Storm (Marvel Universe, series 4, 003)

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storm-mu-t.jpg Storm (Marvel Universe, series 4, 003) : 653569652090 Price: $29.99
The ability of STORM to harness the raw power of nature could easily make her an untamable force. Balanced by a gentle respect for human life, those powers have instead made STORM an authoritative presence in the mutant community and the world at large. STORM has evolved into a capable leader, commanding numerous strike teams while constantly influencing the destiny of the X-MEN. Serious adventure will be yours with this awesome STORM figure! She comes with a collectible comic shot of the STORM character in action and 2 "storm" accessories that show her powers. The battles will be epic with this incredibly powerful hero figure on the side of justice and good! When your adventures are over for the day, stand her up in your collection with her "storm" accessories on her hands. Your STORM figure is ready for action whenever you are!

3.75" tall figure comes with accessories and collectible card.